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A number of things the Chilean miners have missed out on being underground for 68 days

I mean obviously aside from things like family, friends, sunlight, decent food, starry nights, the sound of rain, sex and sanity, the world’s seen a lot of things in the past 68 days that if you were deep underground in Chile you might have missed out on. Things that we’ve experienced collectively that you just couldn’t imagine how you could have lived life missing. Now that they’re back out on the surface, let’s help them catch up with what’s been going on in the world since August 5th.

Things like (in no particular order):

The new Digg

Rick Sanchez getting fired from CNN

Duke Nukem Forever is announced

The new GAP logo

Sasha Grey gets nekkid on Entourage (NSFW)

The whole mosque/community center sort of near Ground Zero thing

The death of Charlie, the smoking chimpanzee

Tila Tequila attacked at the Gathering of the Juggalos

Justin Bieber comparing himself to Kurt Cobain

Stephen Colbert testifying in front of Congress

The invention of spray-on clothing

Minecraft. Bet they’d love that one. (Thanks to Delsyd, mgoodfel and others for reminding me that I somehow forgot the obvious.)

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater’s epic job ragequit

Pictures of Brett Favre’s penis

Some chav punching out her best friend on Britain’s Got Talent


Beijing’s week-long 60 mile traffic jam

Lady Gaga’s meat dress

The evil puppy-killing Bosnian girl

Most of the current season of Jersey Shore and Dancing With the Stars

The great Pedobear Panic of 2010

The official release of Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You”

The “who will be the Superman reboot director?” drama

The death of Google Wave


Katy Perry’s boobs being too hot for Sesame Street

The UN appointing an intergalactic ambassador

Banksy’s epic Simpsons intro

Congrats to all 33 miners on making it out and having to put up with such a raw deal. Congrats on your fresh air freedom and getting back with your families, friends, sunlight, decent food, and I’m sure someone will catch you up with Dancing With the Stars if you ask.

Also FOR SHAME mainstream media for missing so many great headline puns like “Miner incident turns into major celebration.” Not even you, New York Post. Not even you. Or “Chile warms after miners rescued in major operation”? DOUBLE PUN.

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