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Colorado mom discovers kid’s clothing store selling kid-sized crotchless panties. Stay classy.

In Greeley Mall in Greeley, CO, one mom went to take her tween daughter clothes shopping at Kids n Teen only to find that the new store was stocking a healthy supply of kid-sized crotchless panties. As you would imagine, the mom was pretty upset and went to the news about this.

The manager told KUSA-TV the operators of the Greeley Mall in Greeley, Colo., asked for the removal.

Erin French, a mother who lives in the area, said she discovered the sexy underwear during a family trip to the mall, noticing the store because it is close to the children’s play area. She said much of the store’s wares are clearly for young children and she was shocked to find the crotchless panties near “cuddly little backpacks and perky little princess dresses.”

The manager, who would identify herself only as Kristina, said about 25 percent of the store’s wares are aimed at teenagers.

“This is a baby store, this is a children’s store,” French said. “There is one purpose for an item of that nature, and that is not something that we want to encourage for our young girls.”

Watch the news clip here

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