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NPR game show “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me” is coming to TV

NPR’s popular comedic panel quiz show “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”, which has been a staple of weekend radio for decades is finally coming to TV. The new “Wait Wait” show will show on BBC America starting in December.

The comedic radio quiz show will debut on BBC America with a year-in-review special Dec. 23. Host Peter Sagal, scorekeeper Carl Kasell and a panel including Paula Poundstone and Alonzo Bodden will discuss 2011’s biggest events.

When “Wait Wait” would ever make the leap to television has long been a point of conjecture. Now in its 14th season, the show draws 3.2 million listeners weekly on 595 NPR member public radio stations.

BBC Worldwide Americas General Manager Perry Simon calls the TV debut “long overdue.”


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