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Kid Gets Copy of Skyrim Stolen Out of Hands 5 Feet Outside of Gamestop

I just got back from the midnight release of the game, Skyrim. There was a 13 year old boy there. He walked out of the store with his fresh copy and, about 5 feet out the door, some shit-eating douchebag swiped it right out of his hands and ran with it. No one tried to stop him and I was too far away to do anything about it.

I talked to the kid. He was on the verge of tears.

Apparently he rode his bike 2 miles (one way), in the cold, at night just to get the copy that he paid for out of his own pocket. I asked how he paid for it, and he said by selling a bunch of his Yu-Gi-Oh cards and doing housework for his parents.

I told him I had an idea. I asked the kid to promise to save my place in line. He agreed. I told him to remain tough and that everything would be OK.

I went through the huge line of people waiting and quietly told huddles of others about the situation. I asked for people to pitch in if they could. Five bucks here, a few bucks there. I eventually worked up enough in donations to buy him a new copy and gave it to him. He was completely dumbstruck. He thanked me and, pointing them out to the boy, I told him to thank the people who donated as well. He shook my hand, asked my name, and asked if I needed him to do anything in return. I told him, “Young man… I just hope one day you’ll do something equally nice for someone.”

I’m not looking for a pat on the back — I’m just hoping to inspire others and help people to understand that not everyone is a rotten bastard.

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    My God, I love gamers. Anyone who ever tries to give me shit about the community of videogamers can suck it. There are...
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