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The next Xbox codenamed “Loop”, will be smaller and cheaper than the 360

No, this isn’t really it, moran.

The Xbox 360 is starting to reach the end of its life cycle, and with that, Microsoft is hard at work on the next generation of Xbox. According to rumors, the next Xbox will be a little more focused on motion control and will be smaller and cheaper. So… a WiiBox?

"With a heady mix of rumors, tips and speculation, I am now stating that Xbox codename ‘loop’ (the erstwhile XboxTV) will indeed debut a modified Win9 core,” wrote the MS Nerd in a recent post, further stating, “It will use a Zune HD-like hardware platform—a ‘main’ processor with multiple dedicated assistive cores for graphics, AI, physics, sound, networking, encryption and sensors.” It’s reported that the new console will be smaller and sell for less than the Xbox 360, which makes it perfect for “Kinect adaptation”.

As you would expect, there’s no launch date set at all for the next console, but it is possible Microsoft will reveal the official name and start talking about it publicly in the near future. Anyone’s best guess would be that the new console would be coming out around this time or a little later next year.

The integrated Windows OS also has also been called “The Apple Approach”, since it’s expected the next Xbox will be tightly integrated with Windows 8 or 9 as well as Windows Mobile. It’s also expected that it will make heavy use of Silverlight for delivering TV and movie content.


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