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Finally, someone’s invented a rotisserie in a briefcase

Cooking meat on a rotisserie is a great way to do it, but there are just too many situations in life where you absolutely need a rotisserie oven for some kebobs like right fucking now and you just don’t have one. That’s where the rotisserie in a briefcase comes in.

The Carson Rotisseries, Inc., rotisserie grill is the perfect, easy to use grill for any place or occasion. It has the capability of seven rotating skewers which evenly cook and self-baste meats, vegetables, and fruits over an open flame, creating the most succulent dishes you can imagine. The sleek lightweight metal case, removable charcoal pan, rechargeable battery, and wall-plug adapter give you ultimate portability to make any grilling opportunity an unforgettable culinary experience.

I would totally get one of these for my desk at work, just to drive everyone in the office to hate me while they’re eating their lunchtime PB&J. Well, I would if I had $720 to blow on something like this.

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