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Protestors manages to shut down the Port of Oakland, and least for a while

Oakland apparently just doesn’t believe in doing anything half-ass. First, the Oakland PD smashes the Occupy Oakland camp like they’re raiding a terrorist hideout and then Occupy Oakland protestors teamed up with Port of Oakland dockworkers, 10,000 strong to march through Oakland, leaving a traile of destruction in their wake and then shut down the docks all of last night.

Just to be clear however, the dock workers weren’t part of the Occupy movement, but the Occupy people marched down to the docks in solidarity. The dock workers were protesting the unloading of refrigerated containers from Vietnam they felt were unsafe, since several similar containers had exploded at ports around the world.


Also, watch this asshole decided to hit two Occupy Oakland protestors in his car, the cops saw it and just let him go.

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