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Looks like DC is finally getting around to doing a sequel to Watchmen

There have been rumors swirling for a while now about a possible sequel to Watchmen, and a couple years ago, DC even approached Alan Moore, offering back the rights if he would write it, though as you might guess, he answer as “Go fuck yourself”. But it now looks like that Watchmen 2 might happen after all. For some reason.

Rumors resurfaced during New York Comic Con that not only is DC back on track to make the sequel happen, but they already have a dream team in mind. Darwyn Cooke (New Frontier, the Parker series) is apparently at the top of DC’s list, but J. Michael Straczynski, J.G. Jones, Andy Kubert and Brian Azzerello’s names have all also been brought up. Those are all great names, and it’s easy to see how they could each take Watchmen and do something interesting with its universe. The question remains, though—should they?

I know Watchmen has the potential for making money, and I’m generally in favor of people being free to interpret artistic works in a manner they see fit, but Watchmen just feels like Alan Moore’s thing. Fan fiction is one thing, but adding something official to the canon feels a little wrong. Maybe it will turn out well, but Alan Moore will never think so.


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    DC……whyyyy would you do this? Watchmen is a stand alone classic. No sequels to this movie are needed. Ever.
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    THIS BETTER BE TRUE, or I’ll cry….
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    Um I’m a mega super ultra nerd fan of Watchmen. I adored the book and the movie. Usually i’d think a sequel is great,...
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    Uh. No. Not without Alan Moore.
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    If this happens without Alan Moore, I expect to go full on fanboy and buy copies just to burn them. This should NOT...
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    This seems totally unnecessary and I’m annoyed at myself for the fact I would definitely buy a copy of a follow up to...
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    I doubt this will happen. But if it does, it’s a terrible idea. Watchmen doesn’t need a sequel and it will probably end...
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    I doubt this will happen. But if it does, it’s a terrible idea. Watchmen doesn’t need a sequel and it will probably end...
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    Oh fuck. Oh no. Oh please God no.
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