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Epic “Modern Marines vs. Ancient Romans” discussion on Reddit is being turned into a movie

Several months ago, we posted a link to a really epic discussion on Reddit, where someone asked the question “Could a battalion of modern Marines take down the entire Roman empire under Augustus?”, and one Redditor by the name of Prufrock created a gorgeous tale of a hard fought battle. And now that thread is being turned into a movie.

Prufrock451, known in real life as James Erwin, a two-time Jeopardy! champion from Des Moines, Iowa, took the thread over with his rapidfire and engaging fictional battle story as other Redditors watched in awe. 

Madhouse Entertainment’s Adam Kolbrenner spotted Erwin’s “Rome, Sweet Rome” posts once they reached the top of Reddit and moved quickly to contact the writer and begin working with him to develop the concept. When it came time to find a home for the project, Kolbrenner brought it to WB’s Chris Gary, a young exec who encouraged the studio to move aggressively to acquire it.

Kolbrenner will produce with Gianni Nunnari (“Immortals”) of Hollywood Gang, where John Ridley will oversee the project for the company. Madhouse’s Robyn Meisinger will exec produce and Gary will shepherd the project for Warners.

Congratulations, internet. Next year, watch out for a movie based on the IHC discussion “Dispose of a human body in 20 words or less”.


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