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46 year old man gets owned by 13 year old in Black Ops, decided to go to boy’s house and try to choke him to death

When you’re an older guy playing an FPS against a 13 year old, chances are good that you’re going to get your ass kicked every now and again, and when they do kick you’re ass, they’re going to gloat because 13 year olds are fucking assholes. But you deal with it and be an adult. If you’re 46 year old Mark Bradford of St Budeaux, Plymouth, UK, you go to the kid’s house and try to choke him to death.

A court heard how Bradford stormed out of his bedsit and assaulted the 13-year-old who was playing the war game at a friend’s home nearby. The pal’s mum had to come to the terrified boy’s rescue after Bradford marched into the front room and grabbed the boy’s throat with both hands.

The lad, who cannot be identified, said last night: “I was just sat playing. We’d had a bit of a joke and then he stormed in and grabbed me. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Jobless Bradford and the teenager had been playing the violent game on PlayStations and were talking to each other on microphones over the internet. Plymouth magistrates heard that the dad-of-three walked away without saying a word after the attack in July. The victim was left with a scratch.

His mum, 33, said last night: “It’s pathetic that a grown man would attack a defenceless child like this. “If you can’t handle losing to a child then you shouldn’t be playing games.

“I know Mark and went straight round when I found out what had happened. I was fuming. But rather than have it out with him I got the police involved.” Bradford, of St Budeaux, Plymouth, admitted assault and was freed on bail to be sentenced on October 24.

He said yesterday: “I’d been playing the whole day and he was baiting me and just would not shut up.

Yes, because that’s what 13 year olds do. They’re petty little asswipes that think they’re hot shit, because for some reason that’s just how god made them apparently. But if you could go around choking every 13 year old for being a punk, there would quickly be no 13 year olds left.


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