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News Corp reaches new levels of petty stupidity by attacking Obama over using a paper clip

Yeah, you read that right. If you thought that Fox News couldn’t get any more retarded and childish and petty… yeah, they can. They can always manage to find new ways of raising the bar of stupidity. This time, it’s over the fact that Obama used a large paper clip of file clip or whatever you want to call it on his jobs proposal. OFFICE SUPPLIES. THE OUTRAGE.

From News Corp’s New York Post:

President Obama’s plan to reverse the nation’s staggering jobless rate is held together with a paper clip!

“Here it is,” Obama said, waving a copy of his jobs plan during a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden yesterday, an enormous paper clip binding the pages together.

And then Fox and Friends picked up on it, because their fucktardery knows absolutely no bounds:


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