This is what it looks like when you boil your GoPro just so you can see what it looks like to poach an egg in real time

This Japanese guy nearly destroyed his GoPro in the process, but for a worth cause.

Evening Tune: Tex Williams - Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!

This one goes out to Lazy01001, who’s trying not to.

Identical Twin Sisters Share Everything - Including a Boyfriend

Going so far as to even have had substantial plastic surgery to make them even more identical, the twin um, beauties, Anna and Lucy even share the same man.  At the same time.  What a…err…lucky man!

What is your favorite TV show and why is it Breaking Bad? — asked by Anonymous

Because it is.

Are you going to kick someone from the Fantasy league? We have an odd number of teams and it won't let us start otherwise. — asked by sextruck

I don’t know, I’m not in charge of the fantasy football stuff.

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