MIT physicist says consciousness may be a state of matter

Even as much as we know in the 21st century about the universe, the human body and the world around us, consciousness remains a tricky, tricky thing to pin down. Things that have consciousness can store information, retrieve it effectively and use that information on the fly as the situation demands it, but computers can do that, but computers are a long, long way from having any kind of consciousness. So what is consciousness? MIT’s Max Tegmark believes that consciousness may be a “state of matter” of sorts, one that fluctuates rapidly between all kinds of phase states based on certain mathematical criteria.

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HBO and Amazon sign exclusive agreement for HBO content, no GoT

In an announcement sure to thrill absolutely no one, current Amazon subscribers will be able to start watching Exclusive HBO content may 21st on Amazon Video on Demand (aka Amazon Prime). What’s really notable about this, though, is that HBO has pretty much put up a giant middle finger to every GoT fan out there, insisting on holding onto content that’s less than three years old in order to “generate new subscribers.”

This screams to me like a band-aid solution to the hemorrhaging that’s occurring in the cable/satellite world as more and more people go online and are cutting the bills. Oh, HBO, will you never learn?

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4chan hacked!  Looks like m00t got into some trouble in Australian “waters” and some things went down, people were sacked,  etc.  All posts suspended, and threads about the “conflict” have been deleted out of order.  Anyone know more?  This is all I could save  -Neuroplay

4chan hacked!  Looks like m00t got into some trouble in Australian “waters” and some things went down, people were sacked,  etc.  All posts suspended, and threads about the “conflict” have been deleted out of order.  Anyone know more?  This is all I could save  -Neuroplay

What the hell is wrong with IHC on chrome and how do I fix it? — asked by Anonymous

Whatchu talkin bout Willis? 

/posted from Chrome

Supreme Court hears arguments in Aereo case, questions on the future of cloud computing at stake

While the Supreme Court may not hand a ruling in the case of broadcasters vs Aereo, the Justices showed a surprising level of tech savvy, with Justice Sotomayor asking what a ruling against Aereo would mean to the future of cloud computing services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. By using a complicated series of tiny antennae and encrypted hard drives, Aereo allows users to stream live TV through a computer. And because Aereo claims it’s merely providing technology for rent, not broadcasting content. Broadcasters argue that Aereo is simply using tech trickery to skirt copyright law and avoid paying broadcast fees.

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Morning news: Local news station airs woman’s giant cameltoe on TV

I guess because she didn’t want her face shown? CUT TO THE CAMELTOE.

Morning Groove: Eddie Hazel - California Dreamin’

Here’s a funky take on a classic Mama’s and The Papa’s song, from Eddie Hazel’s 1977 album Games, Dames, and Guitar Thangs.

Glow in the dark highways make their debut in the Netherlands

Yeah, reflectors marking the edges of the lanes are great and all, but this is the 21st century… why not take things to the next level and make the lane markers glow in the dark. And this is just the beginning— eventually Netherlands will have smart highways that display icons for road conditions, such as big blue snowflakes if the road is icy.

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America’s right-wing militias have all got ragers for revolution after an armed standoff with the feds over cattle


What started as an old fashioned land dispute in the Nevada desert over some cattle last week turned into a crazed armed standoff between the federal government and armed right wing groups from around the country. Many anti-government websites were calling the standoff the first shots in the second American Revolution and that this was the federal government finally gone too far.

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