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Jul 24

Humble Bundle, the comic book collection

Donate $15 or more to get the first 5 volumes of The Walking Dead (or be cheap and get the first 3) as well as the first volumes for several other comics. 12 days left with more to be added. Come on, do it now!



Thursday nature pics are just hitting their peak

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Better look at Batfleck’s cape and cowl revealed at SDCC’s Preview Night

We’ve seen one moody photo of someone who may or may not be Ben Affleck wearing the short-earted bat-suit from Batman vs Superman, but yesterday at San Diego Comic Con, DC showed off the entire cape and cowl apparatus, but not the suit itself. Or maybe there is no actual suit, just Affleck pecs.

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Don’t cry for Thursday peoples of the world, Argentina, even though it’s kind of a depressing one

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dizavin said: Been following IHC for over a year. Is someone new running the blog? The posts now seem... Different. More mainstream and whatnot. As if someone younger was doing things. Are my suspicions true?


Jul 23