Hey IHC...What the hell man? I today is my 30th birthday and I didnt get anything from you. Not even a Facebook message. I thought we where friends man. — asked by Anonymous

Fuck your bullshit.

Morning music: Murp “Thunder Silences the Bully”

Black Metal Anti Bully Song…..Because why not?

How do you get a significant other to seek mental help without shoving them? To say this person procrastinates would be an understatement. — asked by Anonymous

Depending on the severity, you may have to shove them, and try to get the support of friends and family and people they trust. Whatever it is that your SO needs help with, getting them the right treatment will depend on exactly what it is that they’re suffering from.

Yeah I know you are not the only thing
I have a feeling of being
To get the best thing for me to do with the demand
I was a little bit about myself
I am beautiful and then the next week
I was going through my mind that you can be found
#SwiftKey poetry
Hello my name is the first
I was wondering if you are looking for a few days
The the apartment in the building is a good question
To be able to do with the main upgrades and then we can get a chance
I am not sure if this is a great deal of the universe
#SwiftKey poetry

Any Shutter-bugs in the house?

Hey folks, Pickle Munkey here, wondering if there are any shutter-bugs in the house, I’d like to pick your brains a little.

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