It's 4AM, the end credits of Dead Poets Society are sinking into the black edges of my computer screen, and I'm crying like a little bitch. Damn you, poety, and damn you, Robin. I want to seize the day, but it's the middle of the night. And here I am, crying like a little bitch. — asked by Anonymous

Yeah, well my fucking dog died today. I had him for almost eight years and he was the most beautiful soul ever and my best friend and now he’s gone. So there’s some real life shit right there.

Daily Discussion: Describe your sex life with the name of a band

Stolen directly from something Gloomcookie found, here’s a good new Daily Discussion topic since we haven’t had one in a while— describe your sex life with the name of a band. Above is DVDA, which you’ll have to google if you’re not familiar with the term, but… first!

Twin Peaks as a 1980s style video game

The video describes it as an “NES style” version of the show intro, but it’s more like VGA era PC, but it still looks rather pretty.

With regards to the Youtube auto play thing... It appears to be Tumblr doing it, and not just you guys. I have to find the Youtube video to stop it each time it starts, cause it will start when I am about 3-5 entries away. It is very annoying. — asked by Anonymous

Wibbly wobbly creepy: Video merges the faces of all 13 Doctors into one

From Hartnell to Capaldi, this video both averages out the faces of two individual subsequent Doctors, then averages out the whole to create… a white British guy, but a very average looking person indeed. My favorite is the War Doctor/Eccleston Doctor. 

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