This is what Ryan Reynolds would have looked like as Deadpool, and it’s pretty amazing

I tried to put this up earlier in the week, but it kept getting pulled from the internet until it didn’t anymore, so take a look before Fox decides to start taking them down again. As wonderful as this is, the reason this project didn’t get the green light has mainly to do with the fact that it would be a big budget hard R rated superhero movie with first time director Tim Miller at the helm, and those were apparently chances Fox didn’t want to take. So this is what we get— some Ryan Reynolds test footage and a dream.

IHC Movie Reviews: Lucy (2014)

Lucy was released July 25 (despite the international released date of July 30 on the poster above), an actiony, sci-fi type movie from our old chum Luc Besson (The Professional, The Fifth Element) and starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, among others. The trailers have promised an action flick a step up from your average Summer action flick, and given the cast and director, who’s to disagree? So is Lucy mind-blowingly awesome, or mind-numbingly stupid?

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Hungry yet? Watch Americans try food from Singapore.

Mmm, squid snacks, the only good I’ve ever eaten that required me to choke down vomit in order to finish.

The unfinished documentary about Tim Burton’s unfinished Nic Cage Superman movie, written by Kevin Smith, finally gets a trailer

Ooooh, I want to see.

Celebrate Angus & Anal Day!


Mad World Radio has come up with a brilliant idea. They’ve created their answer to Steak and Blowjob day. 

November 14th, MWR and the rest of the Oddities will be celebrating Angus N Anal day.

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Important Technological Device of the Day:  The Popinator

Who says that America has lost its edge in the global technology arena?  THIS is why THEY hate us.

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